Tuesday, 11 February 2014

WoofYums’ Food for Senior Dogs

With age the stamina and health of any dog decline. Similar to humans, their immune systems become weaker as well. Slow rate of metabolism demands a reduction in calorie intake. At Woof Yums, the cases of senior dogs are considered carefully. Hence, the meals for senior dogs are prepared with extra caution.
Considering the breed, age, weight and level of activity of your dog, the Woof Yums’ DOG FEEDING GUIDE provides information on the ideal serving quantities and feeding intervals for senior dogs. Let us say, one can feed in one whole suggested serving by dividing it into two small meals (1/3 in morning and 2/3 in evening). This is subject to level of digestive comfort of your senior pet. However, never follow any food guide without referring to a vet.

The age at which any canine should switch to senior diet is depending very much on the breed and health of the dog.  For instance, although the smaller breeds mature fast, their aging process is much slower than any giant dog. Any larger breed doggy is categorized as seniors as soon as they turn 5 or 6. On the contrary, a smaller breed like terrier cannot be called older till the age of 10 to 12.

Woof Yums understands the importance of correct diet for an aging dog. Their senior dog food caterings are lower in protein, sodium and phosphorus to support aging hearts and kidneys. An increased amount of certain vitamins are also been added to the meals. Not to worry, if your older dog has any particular health problems including failing kidneys, diabetes or poor nutrient absorption in his gut, Woof Yums specific customized caters will help pacifying that problem.

Senior dogs are prone to obesity which can eventually resulting in many health problems. Proper feeding, routine veterinary checkups and exercise are the essential tools to keep them healthy with an increased life expectancy!

Nourish them with Woof Yums!!

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