Thursday, 30 January 2014

Service and Amenities at WoofYums

Food safety is a serious issue for our loyal friends at home. Even though, these friendly pets have many defenses against microbe and parasites, they are not immune to them. Always remember, experimenting with fancy prêt-à-porter dog foods can be a risky affair! Therefore, homemade foods are the safer option for this lovable companion of yours; it is fresh sans any preservatives or additives.

Often, due to time constraint, it becomes difficult for the busy working owners to cook for their pets. Contrariwise, cooking pet food with an improper knowledge can call for long-term nutritional imbalances and vitamin deficiencies followed by severe health issues.

When you have the problem, WoofYums has the customized solution. Right from selecting the ingredients to delivering them; here everything is done under the strict supervision of experts. In addition, all throughout, a proper food hygiene safety is maintained.

‘Taste of home with a skilled touch,’ this can be called as the slogan of WoofYums. While the food is prepared following the basic tips and techniques, the packaging and supplying parts are the ideal example of professional skills and abilities. The meals are cooked and served as per the nutriment need of any pet, considering their breed, age, weight, level of activities etc.

The pricing is another alluring factor about WoofYums. Clients can avail the services as per their needs and means. Typically, the pricing varies from meal to meal from Rs.50/- to Rs.70/- only. Thanks to their systematic name tagging system, no matter how many pets they are catering to, the boxes never get jumbled up. This personalized human touch sets them apart from ordinary.

At WoofYums Clients can opt for astonishing offers by availing quarterly or half-yearly services. Let us say, if one stay connected to WoofYums for 3 months, then he can avail one consultancy for his pet free-of-cost.

Competitive prices, widest choice, hassle-free deliveries and benefit of other additional amenities; what more one can wish for?

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Love for pets, is all what is pronounced at WoofYums

Of late, the expanding market offers an array of readymadepet food. To tell the truth, many of these pet dietary supplements are real pocket burners for the dog owners. Coming to the point, does paying extra mean you are getting something healthier content-wise? Not sure, right?  Thus, to set you free from all these confusions and complications, WoofYums have strolled in.

WoofYums come into existence with a simple yet effective objective that is to contribute expanding the life-spans of as many dogs as possible. Their mode of offering is pet nourishment. Adhering to a strict procedures of pre-preparation and post-preparations of meals, WoofYums is acquainting itself with the Indian market.  Their USP is to provide a cost-effective dietary solution for your canines balancing all of the necessary nutrients. Here, the pet meals are developed by a team of expertise which comprises a veterinarian, nutritionist, pet chef and dog lovers. The preparation is done through fresh ingredients, home-grown cooking techniques sans preservations.

Dog’s breed, age, size, food allergies and level of activity are the factors which decides their dietary the dos and don’ts. At WoofYums all the meals are tailored, considering the requirements of your pets. For example; the compulsory nutrition of a German Sheppard always differs from a Chihuahua. Furthermore, the pro-team at WoofYums always handled the sensitive cases such as aged, mom to be and lactating pets, with extra care and attention.

The door-step service of WoofYums, is also worth a mention. Keeping the need of pets they follow disciplined on-time delivery facility which arrives twice a day, early morning and early evening.

The bottom line is, availing WoofYums’ kitty is a fair bargain for the pet owners. These values-for-money amenities not only save your pet but also your time and loads of bucks.

Always remember, experimenting with fancy prêt-à-porter dog foods can be a risky affair! Sticking to good ol’ home cooked meals is the best bet, tried and tested!!

Pamper your pets with some homely love!

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